Junior economist jobs at the Grattan Institute

The Grattan Institute is advertising for junior economists to work as associates. The job involves working with a program director (me on higher education and my colleagues who run schools, cities, energy and productivity programs) on various projects. Associates rotate between programs, so there will be opportunities to learn about several areas.

Details here.

Any student readers who would like to be a higher education intern at the Grattan Institute?

I’m looking for a an intern to work on the higher education program at the Grattan Institute in Melbourne. It isn’t paid, but you would get experience working in a think-tank and credit for your work in published reports.

It would suit a student on the their summer break. While we are flexible on hours, internships work best if the intern can spend a reasonable amount of time per week over at least a month. Any disciplinary background should be ok, but the work itself will include data collection and using a spreadsheet.

The intern would work closely with me, and with two Grattan research associates.

If you are interested, email me with a CV at andrew.norton@grattan.edu.au

Battle of the think tanks (or some of them, anyway)

I’m not sure what my current employer will think of being left out a contest of Australia’s most influential think-tanks, but Thought Broker’s end of year event should be good if you happen to be in Sydney on 12 November:


Australia’s most prolific and influential think tanks will duke it out over whose ideology and vision for the future should prevail.

Pitting speakers from social democrat and progressive think tanks against their conservative and libertarian counterparts, Thought Broker will once again present incendiary debate to a well-lubricated audience.

In the blue corner we have Tim Wilson of the Institute of Public Affairs and Dr Oliver Hartwich from the Centre for Independent Studies. And, in the red corner Dr David Hetherington, Per Capita and Miriam Lyons, Centre for Policy Development.

At a time when ideological purity has hit the skids and political debate and policy implementation are mired in spin and short-termism, this event will explore the importance of long term thinking in Australia’s public debate.

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