About me

My current job is professor in the practice of higher education policy at the Centre for Social Research and Methods at the Australian National University.

I have worked in higher education policy since 1997, when I started as an adviser to the then minister, Dr David Kemp.

Since then I have worked for two think-tanks (the Grattan Institute and the Centre for Independent Studies) and three University of Melbourne vice-chancellors, starting with the late Alan Gilbert, continuing with Kwong Lee Dow, and finishing with Glyn Davis.

I keep a link to the University of Melbourne as an honorary fellow in its Centre for the Study of Higher Education.

I was a member of the 2013-14 government review of the demand driven system for funding higher education and the 2016-17 expert panel advising on higher education reform.

My Grattan Institute higher education reports can be found here.

This is my third blog, starting with Catallaxy in 2003, moving to a solo blog in 2006, and from August 2011 here at my second solo blog. Except for the unusual year of 2020, when so many things happened in higher education that blogging seemed to be the best way to keep up with events, my blogging has mainly been recreation with work synergies. None of my views should be attributed to my employers or colleagues, past or present (despite my best efforts to persuade them on some points).

You can contact me at andrew.norton@anu.edu.au

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.