Have you ever not finished a university degree?

At the Grattan Institute, we are nearing completion of a report on not completing university degrees, one of the measures that could be used in the new performance funding regime.

We’ve got lots of interesting new data on how much time students spend enrolled before they leave, how much they have spent, and the risk factors that can help predict who will complete and who will drop out.

But the data and literature on how people feel about incomplete qualifications is very sparse, and so we decided to run our own online survey.

It’s obviously not a random sample, but with over 800 responses to date we are able to identify some general themes. With more respondents we could start to see whether reactions to not completing differ across student categories.

The survey is going to close in a few days, so if you have dropped out a degree yourself, please take it. Or if you know someone who has dropped out, please forward the link to them.

Our report is going to focus on people who have left university without any degree, but we are also interested in people with a complete degree as well as a complete one.

4 thoughts on “Have you ever not finished a university degree?

  1. Hi Andrew,

    My good friend Raj sent me a link to your survey but I can’t find the link to it from this URL. I am not sure if my data will be relevant because I started my law degree in 1988 and quit in 1989 (I passed two years). I then went on to a complete a masters in economics and a grad Dip of Education.

    If I can help then let me know.



  2. I’d can answer “Yes”. I enrolled in a BSc at one point (I had an MEc by then) and took a couple of Comp Sci courses before I got around to starting my PhD, at which point I dropped out. I don’t think it really counts, though.


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