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Group Crikey subscription

I was consumed with getting Mapping Australian higher education ready when Nick Gruen emailed asking for promotions for his Crikey group subscription, and am only now getting around to it with a few days to go. At his current group count it will be $109, but could go down to $99 if enough people join. Details here.

Young women already at 40% higher education attainment

The government has a target of 40% of 25-34 year olds holding a bachelor degree or above by 2025. Data released by the ABS today shows that for women the target has already been met for 25-29 year olds. But men are lagging well behind on 30%.

However the gender gap is much smaller if vocational education qualifications are included:

Men with upper-level vocational qualifications do ok, which makes it less clear that there is a need to boost male university participation.

Crikey group subscription

If you want to get Crikey, but don’t want to pay full price, Nick Gruen does an annual service in organising a group subscription. Details here, cross-posted from Club Troppo:

It’s on again folks. Crikey subscribers on the group subscription I organise have begun getting presubscription emails. Whether you are a subscriber already or not, you can subscribe through this means and qualify for the discounts Crikey offer.

Prices keep rising, and they’ve risen again this year. Here’s the schedule.

If you want to join the subscription, please email me on





you know the rest.

Then in a few weeks from now I’ll shoot a list of names and email addresses to Crikey and they’ll follow up.

Group Subscriptions

3-5 Members – $125

6-9 Members – $115

10-19 Members – $105

20-49 Members – $95

50+ Members – $85