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Results of blog readers survey

Peter Chen has distributed results of the blog survey I promoted a few weeks ago.

He also sent me results for the people who came to my blog versus the other, mostly left-wing, blogs that participated in the survey. Predictably, my readers are more concerned about economic issues:

Blog readers survey

Do blog readers have different views about politics to ordinary voters?

Peter John Chen of the Department of Government at the University of Sydney is conducting a survey of blog readers, with some overlapping questions with the Australian Election Study.

The survey is open to readers of the blog who live in Australia. It will be used in a forthcoming (2012) book on the internet and Australia.

The survey will take only 10 minutes, and all responses are anonymous and confidential.

The survey can be found here.

You can have results sent to you if decide to leave an email. Otherwise, I will report them when they are available.

A CIS blog

My former CIS colleagues are now blogging.

Welcome to

This is my new blog, still in development but the site of my blogging while I am at the Grattan Institute.

The reasons for the switch are explained here.