Any student readers who would like to be a higher education intern at the Grattan Institute?

I’m looking for a an intern to work on the higher education program at the Grattan Institute in Melbourne. It isn’t paid, but you would get experience working in a think-tank and credit for your work in published reports.

It would suit a student on the their summer break. While we are flexible on hours, internships work best if the intern can spend a reasonable amount of time per week over at least a month. Any disciplinary background should be ok, but the work itself will include data collection and using a spreadsheet.

The intern would work closely with me, and with two Grattan research associates.

If you are interested, email me with a CV at [email protected]

  1. Is this generous offer open to non students as well? Sounds like an opportunity of a lifetime!

  2. it would be wonderful if you could use the government money to transform the Grattan into an anti-government free market agency. Indeed, it would be a world first. Such a fine man,such a nefarious organisation


  3. The Productivity Commission was there first (unless you demand 100% ideological purity, in which case all the Australian think-tanks are in trouble).

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